WJ goes digital: virtual work and virtual fun on our way to Tallinn

Do you work in teams whose members are in different locations? How do you create team spirit in this situation? Technology and virtual collaboration make it possible.

We will show you that it works by going on a virtual journey to Estonia – in preparation of the JCI World Congress that takes place in Tallinn on 4-8th of November 2019 (https://www.jciwc2019.com/).

Estonia is the European pioneer for digitalisation and virtual work. Whether you have already booked your ticket to Tallinn or not, we will be excited to have you in our virtual workshop.

Be prepared to…

–          learn how to do team building using online devices

–          get to know JCI members from different places

–          find out what is so fascinating about Tallinn

–          tune yourself into the digital atmosphere of the connected world

Expect loads of useful information, fun, interaction, and be ready for some surprises. The time frame is about 90 minutes.

Please register using the „Anmelde“-button AND this link: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/6753205217149144321.

If you have any questions, please contact Eva (++49-174-1726 191).